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2017 Auphis Single Shoulder Satchel#09250028#


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重量 250 g

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1点评2017 Auphis Single Shoulder Satchel#09250028#

  1. Gracey


    A very elegant and classy handbag. The combination of the leather pattern, gold-tone hardwares and zippers makes the handbag look very attractive. The rose gold color is very interesting as well. The purse can be use as a shoulder bag because an adjustable shoulder strap is also provided or as a hand bag/tote. There are several sizes of compartments inside the purse to accommodate your things. Two zippered inside pockets, one on the side and one in the middle. Two big open compartments and another two smaller open pockets on the other side. There is also a zippered pocket on the outside at the back. This bag for me is strictly for special ocassions and formal gatherings. I think it will be a waste to use this bag on a daily basis. It’s too pretty and should be treasured and that’s exactly what I’m gonna do. I want to preserve its pristine condition as much as possible. A perfect handbag for all women and highly recommended.