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Auphis Golden crocodile handbag (picture package)#0925002#


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重量 1 g

black, Golden

1点评Auphis Golden crocodile handbag (picture package)#0925002#

  1. Pitchperfect


    I can say that I’m really a big fan of bag and whenever I see classy and very durable I buy it. This one is really a gem. I bought 3 bags for a price one. I got three different sizes of bag which will be super useful for me.
    The bag’s texture is really smooth and you will be able to tell that it comes from a good quality materials. It has a very spacious compartments and will even help you organize your things inside the bag. I used the small bag for my phones and the the other bag for my makeup can be handy or strap it on your shoulder I love it and will definitely gonna buy more